John and Joslyn bring a new sound to the Kingdom of God. It is a unique, multi-cultural sound that transcends the lines of color, race, and tradition. It is a prophetic sound that changes the atmosphere, driving back spiritual darkness and releasing the will and word of God into the earth. It is a fresh sound that gives believers freedom to experience the reality of God's love and presence. This sound is the result of the Brockmans' deep love for God and their great desire to experience His presence with others.

They currently serve as Associate Pastors of Dwell Church under the leadership of their great friends and mentors, David and Nicole Binion. Dwell Church launched in September 2018 and has seen incredible physical and spiritual growth since.

John and Joslyn also travel the country ministering in song and the Word at conferences and local churches, where they pour into worship departments and musicians their desire for unity and for God's presence.

John and Joslyn live in Frisco, TX. with their two daughters Sophia and Ava and their son John Miles.