Carry the Torch (Live) / CD
  • Carry the Torch (Live) / CD


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John and Joslyn live at Redemption Point.

  1. The Sound (Instrumental) [Live]
  2. I Hear The Sound (Live)
  3. I Will Believe (Live)
  4. Set My Feet (Live)
  5. Set My Feet (Reprise) [Live]
  6. Carry The Torch (Live)
  7. Nothing Like Being On Fire (Live)
  8. Let Them See Jesus (Live)
  9. I’ll Remain (Live)
  10. Give Us More (Live)
  11. Coming Alive (Spontaneous) [Live]
  12. You Are My Reward (Live)
  13. You Reign On High (feat. Bishop Kevin Wallace) [Live]
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